« I love creating and crafting and making people feel good about how they look. Good hair can do that. »
Jonathan Connelly

What is your signature?

I am best known for making hair look sexy and relaxed. I think hair should look and feel like hair, so I use minimal products allowing the hair to move and breathe.

What do you find fun about your job?

I love creating and crafting and making people feel good about how they look. Good hair can do that. I enjoy working with different and interesting people and love the variety of my work, every day is different.

What inspires you?

Nature, people, places, music, imagery, so many things. I am inspired by the people I work with and our shared experiences. To be honest I find inspiration everywhere, from my garden in the English countryside to the streets of New York City to a beach in Mexico, I feel very lucky.

What nourished you?

Spending time with nature and creating things. I grow my own food as much as possible and get pleasure from looking after my plants and garden. I love crafting and creating things, whether its cutting and styling hair at work or making something out of wood at home, it gives me energy.

Name one job that was particularly important to you.

The two most important jobs to me were both with Jan Welters, one brought me back from living on a beach in Mexico to Pantelleria via NYC, the other was on the 10th September 2001 in NYC, my home at the time. Both changed my life in different ways.

What are you most proud of?

My children!

What is your latest news?

Trips to Sicily, Cornwall, Paris, Provence & the Camargue, harvesting my apples, digging up the last of the potatoes, playing with my two daughters, my 8 month old saying yoghurt and my 3 year old wants me to stay home.

Jonathan Connelly worked with:

Photographers : Jan Welters, Rankin, Enrique Badulescu, David Slijper, Alasdair McLellan, Tesh, Carter Smith, Steen Sundland, Christoph Rihet, Matthew Brookes, Keiron O'Conner, Max Vadukul, Matt Jones, Thierry Le Gouès, Jean Baptist Mondino, Laura Sciacovelli, Donald Milne, Vanina Sorrenti, Freddie Helwig, Steve Hiett, Michael Sanders, Fabio Chizzola, Nick Haymes, Robert Wyatt, Jane McLeish-Kesley, Franck Sauvaire, David Vasiljevic, Karena Perronet-Miller, Ben Weller, Jacob Sutton, Robin Derrick, Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton, Simon Emmett, Kayt Jones, Nadav Kander, Horst Diekgerdes, David Oldham, Heather Favell, Thomas Schenk, David Burton, Julia Kennedy, Wendelin Spiess, Collette de Barros, Riccardo Vimercati, Koto Bolofo, Johnny Kangasniemi, Nik Hartley, Donald McPherson, Christophe Kutner, Harri Peccinotti,

Magazines : Vogue France, Vogue Netherland,Vogue Germany, Vogue US, Vogue Spain, Glamour France, Hunger, 10 Magazine, Numéro, L’Uomo Vogue, Interview, Instyle US, Elle France, Elle US, Elle UK, Stylist, L’Express Style , Glamour Italia, Next Libération .

Stlylists :Belen Casadeval, Barbara Loison, Nora Bordja, Alison Edmon, Laura Ferrara.

Designers :Zadig & Voltaire, Paul Smith , Superfine, Patrizia Pepe, Jitrois, Falconeri, Leon & Harper, Ungaro, Piazza Sempione, Claudie Pierlot, H&M, Kenneth Cole, Eres, Banana Republic, GAP, Zara, Princess Tam Tam, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret.